How Do I Update SubscriptionBoss To The Latest Version?

Please follow these steps if you have already installed SubscriptionBoss on your site, but your installed version is out of date.

Just click the Update Automatically Link on the Plugins page

Sometimes due to caching, available updates do not show up immediately. In this case, you can visit the membership site to update to the latest plugin.

Step 1

Log into the membership site at This will take you to your dashboard page.

Step 2

If your plugin is out of date, your dashboard page will look something like this – an “update version” button will be displayed.
SubscriptionBoss Dashboard

Step 3

Click the update button. This generates a new version of the SubscriptionBoss plugin that is specifically for your domain.

Step 4

Next go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the update button, and the plugin will update automatically from there.

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