Is ionCube Required For SubscriptionBoss?

Yes. Your server must be running the ionCube Loader which is available from ionCube as free software and can be downloaded here.

For the latest version of SubscriptionBoss you must be running at least ionCube Loader V4.4 although you ideally should run the latest version v4.7 .

Most hosts will already have ionCube installed.

Some of our customers who use GoDaddy Hosting have had problems getting the ionCube Loader installed. Some Godaddy support staff will tow the company line and say it is outside normal support terms while other will go the extra mile and do the install for you.

The installation involves-

  • Downloading the IonCube Loader Wizard and installing it in the ioncube folder
  • Running the wizard which tells you which loader is right for your server
  • Adding one extra line to the php.ini or php5.ini file to instruct PHP to install the IonCube Loader
  • Running the wizard again which should tell you that IOnCube has been installed successfully
  • Removing the wizard and other files no longer required

Special Instructions

Some hosts require you to place the php.ini file in multiple locations: Bluehost is an example of this.

You will need to do this is IonCube is installed correctly but the plugin still reports a fatal error when you try to activate it.

Let’s say WordPress is installed in the folder public_html then the locations to place the the same php.ini (or php5.ini) file are:

  • public_html
  • public_html/wp-admin
  • public_html/wp-content/plugins/subscriptionboss

The first location handles normal plugin operation, the second covers activation and plugin administration functions and the third covers PayPal IPN processing.

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