SubscriptionBoss Handles More Billing Options

Billing Frequency

SubscriptionBoss now supports more than just monthly billing. It can handle many different billing frequencies

  • Weekly Billing
  • Fortnightly Billing
  • Monthly billing
  • Bi-Monthly Billing
  • Quarterly Billing
  • Semi-Annual Billing
  • Annual Billing

Number of Billing Cycles

SubscriptionBoss can also handle a fixed number of billing cycles as well as open ended billing.
This is useful where you want to offer a payment plan of regular payments over a fixed duration. For example, the customer can pay for an online six month course with 3 installments two months apart.

Automatically Bill Outstanding Amount

PayPal has a feature that allows you to collect any outstanding bills automatically. You can set up this facility on each subscription.

For example, if a customer skips a payment one month due to insufficient funds (all 3 attempts fail) then the next month PayPal can try and collect both the previous month’s bill as well as the current month.

screenshot of subscription settings

Enable automatic billing of outstanding by clicking the radio button

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